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Revolutionising Retail Efficiency with Secure, Autonomous Fulfilment

Used by 300.000+ people globally
Why us

The benefits of Opus

Opus empowers businesses across diverse sectors to unlock the transformative potential of 24/7 staffless shopping

24/7 Staffless Shopping
Empower customers to click, pay and pick anytime. Day or Night.
Secure Access
Maintain complete control and security of your inventory remotely with robust security measures.
Strategic Locations
Keep up with evolving customer buying habits with Opus. Create new pop-up locations with ease.
Infinite Integrations
Integrate seamlessly with existing retail infrastructure and ordering systems.
Environmental Impact
The Opus ecosystem is a proven way to reduce supply-chain emissions by keeping materials directly on-site.
Reduce Costs
Manage retail overheads by running your stores autonomously with Opus.

Trusted by market leaders in

Market leaders in some of the most challenging sectors trust our technology to achieve their business objectives.
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Dashboard Statistics

View orders, inventory and sales insights all within your Opus dashboard. Opus feeds clients with real-time data information so you can make informed decisions on replenishment and stock management.

AI Sales Insights

Our OpusEye™ AI assistant runs analysis reports with every transaction and upon demand. Acting as your sales assistant, OpusEye™ will influence stock, pricing and inventory decisions to keep your stores running at peak performance.

Order Management

Oversee outstanding, delayed and overdue order collections. Send automated or manual reminders by text or email, the choice is yours.

Order Collection Insights

View a list of completed, outstanding and overdue order collections by your customers. Understand which store facilitates order collections quickly, efficiently and promptly within the collections reports data.

Store Management

Whether it is 1 or 100 stores, Opus makes store management a breeze. With a top-down approach administration panel, you can view store health from a sales, inventory, transfer and usage perspective at a single glance.

Customer Management

Activate, pause, hold and control customers who shop within across your stores.

Real-time Reports

Opus comes with over 100 different default reports that help manage traffic, customer, collection and product data. Whether you want find out you most valued customer, or the average collection time, Opus' reports will have the answers.

Data-driven decisions

Make data-driven decisions on what you stock, how much you stock, and how frequently you should replenish. Understand the order radius from your customers against your closest pop-up store, we will have data insights that keep you ahead of evolving customer behaviour.


Word on the Web

Don't just take our word for it. Read what our customers think about Opus

Craig Cole

Technical Sales Manager

Opus has revolutionised our on-site procurement offering. We've now built a reliable, sustainable brand that completed our customer's projects through a bespoke solution that creates a real partnership between supplier and customer. More productivity, less deliveries, less delays.

Peter McKeown

Cross Passage Superintendent

We use our Opus-powered on-site procurement solution 24/7 and so far 25% of our orders have been out of hours - before 08:00 or after 17:00 - and 15% have been on weekends. Previously this could have resulted in project delays and/or rescheduling, but this solution enables us to continue.

David Jones

Strategic Account Manager

Opus empowers our customers with enabling direct secure access to our product range, directly on-site, 24/7. In construction, this new offering is critical for the reactive work they do, and supports the client to maintain deadlines and any dynamic project objectives. No more running off-site to get emergency tools from premium builders merchants. Opus takes our supply chain relationship to the next level.

Electra Thanopoulou

Senior Buyer

As an early adopter of an Opus on-site procurement solution, we worked closely with the developers to help refine the offering that it is today. We believe Opus is an exciting service solution addressing many challenges our industry (construction) is facing.

Jennifer Dunlop

Head of Infrastructure

When we first start using Opus, we were skeptical. We'd tried lots of products and none of them made any difference. But Opus proved to be more incremental than anything we used before.
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