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Revolutionising Retail Efficiency with Staffless Shopping

Opus is a patented orchestrated technology solution that enables / controls and delivers a staffless twenty-four hours a day / seven days a week shopping experience within a retail environment.

A compelling value proposition across diverse sectors

Reduced Operational Costs: Eliminate staffing needs for extended hours, leading to significant cost savings.
Increased Sales Potential: Extend shopping accessibility, maximising customer convenience and boosting sales opportunities.
Unmatched Flexibility: Opus adapts to various environments, seamless integrating into any existing retail infrastructure.
A construction worker entering a secure container
A shopper scanning products in-store

Opus empowers businesses to optimise retail operations

Retailers: Elevate the customer experience with extended shopping hours and self-service checkout.
Distribution and Manufacturers: Expand market reach and streamline distribution through Opus’s flexible deployment solutions.
Service Providers: Offer a superior level of convenience with secure and self-service solutions powered by Opus.

The Opus Difference

24/7 Staffless Shopping

Empower customers to browse and shop anytime, day or night.

Reduced Costs

Eliminate staffing needs for extended hours and streamline logistics.

Secure Access Systems

Maintain complete control over inventory with robust security measures.

Increased Sales

Capture new customers and maximise sales opportunities with 24/7 access.

Strategic Local Stores

Conveniently placed locations ensure easy access to essential supplies.

Enhanced Convenience

Offer aconvenient, self-service shopping experience for customers.

Seamless Integration

Integrates seamlessly with existing retail infrastructure and ordering systems.

Improved Efficiency & Productivity

Streamline operations and reduce downtime for service calls and repairs.

A Scalable Platform

Adapts to diverse environments and business needs.

Reduced Environmental Impact

Consolidate deliveries and minimise your carbon foodprint by negating daily deliveries.

The Opus Ecosystem

Digital Front End

E-Commerce Site

A dedicated online ordering portal that works seamlessly across desktop and mobile.

Payment Gateway

Integrate with one of our recommended payment gateway providers, or connect directly in with your own via our API connections.

User Accounts

Control who can purchase, who requires approval, who has read-only access, the choice is yours.

CMS Controls

Control the design of your online portal with our content management system

Output Controls

Access Controls

Effortlessly oversee who is accessing your secure stock inventory through our intelligent access controls. View denied entries, granted entries, and failed passcode attempts in real-time.

Alarm Systems

Connect your chosen alarm systems via the cloud into Opus to seamlessly manage transactions through the secure store. Receive instant notifications whenever alerts are signalled through an integrated alarm system in real time.


Integrating to a CCTV system elevates your inventory protection experience, receiving a real-time data feed into your dashboard panel.

POS Systems

Utilising a handheld scanner for use of navigating your secure inventory environment, your consumers will easily locate their items through the handheld guiding system. Integration to RFiD and IOT devices are also supported.

POS Systems

Utlising a hand-held scanner for use of navigating your secure inventory environment, your consumers will easily locate their items through the handheld guided system.

API Connections

ERP Platform

Opus connects to many leading ERP systems via its configurable API platform, such as Oracle NetSuite, Odoo, SAP Business One and Microsoft Dynamics 365 and more.

CPQ Engine

Opus connects to all leading CPQ engines making it easy to control pricing, process transactions, manage discounts and more via its configurable API platform.

Inventory Management

Seamlessly connect to your existing inventory management software, where Opus will received periodic updates of your restocks, transfers, and sales.


Integrate into your warehouse management systems to supply Opus with upcoming transfer lists, advising in the customer journey estimated restock dates.


Connect Opus to your favourite apps

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